Since 1961 pasta and pastry machines

We are proud to be able to accompany you in discovering our machines and show you the new products.
You will find out why an increasing number of companies around the world rely on Sandorè for the production of fresh and dry, short and long pasta, stuffed gnocchi and various coextruded products.

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Sandorè is born in 1961 in Zanè, in the upper part of Vicenza, an industrial district particularly prosperous of the North-East Italy and it is today one of the most innovator Italian Companies in the construction of food machinery.

Object of its business activity is the design, the development and construction of a wide range of pasta machines, static dryers and coextruders of filled products.

The jewel in the crown of our production is always the New Fantasy machine for the production of stuffed gnocchi; the result of ten years’ study by the head of the family Mr Marini, who has dedicated, along with his children, the majority of his life designing all the machines manufactured exclusively in the company.



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