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Sandorè towards Industry 4.0: 

Sandorè embraces the Industry 4.0 paradigm in implementing its business strategy with the aim of creating an integrated and intelligent system, the result of combining machinery and technology. It is precisely for this reason that Sandoré has joined the Industry 4.0 project (now called Transition 4.0). Over the past three years, we have developed PLC-controlled machines that are perfectly prepared to be interconnected with external management or software. The advantages of centralised management are that it allows in-depth monitoring of the performance of the various production machines, while at the same time being able to historicise orders. Knowing in detail everything that the machinery does, enables greater efficiency to be achieved and, as a consequence, this enables better management of costs, processes and deliveries. Centralised management also benefits the end customer, who will have access to precise timing and costs. 

Finally, the environmental benefits should not be underestimated: by being more aware of the management of all production, the company is able to significantly reduce waste and energy consumption.

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