March 2024

Sandorè® gnocchi machines that transform food production

Machines designed to automate the gnocchi production process, gnocchi machines are perfect for large production and food companies that want professionalism, precision and innovation in their processing. Sandorè® gnocchi machines are highly appreciated for their ability to increase production efficiency while maintaining the high standards that characterise them.Sandorè® stands out in the food production sector with its latest-generation gnocchi machines, capable of meeting the production...

IBA 2023 - SIGEP 2024

Sandorè at IBA 2023 in Munich and SIGEP 2024 in Rimini: innovation and technology in the bakery and confectionery sector

The IBA 2023 trade fair in Munich, followed by participation in the 45th edition of SIGEP in Rimini in 2024, proved to be global stages of extraordinary importance for the bakery and confectionery sector. Sandorè, with its consolidated and recognised presence, has participated in these crucial events that continue to define the national and international standards of the baking industry. Sandorè's participation: a meeting point between tradition and innovation Sandorè's presence at...


Multilane: Maximum versatility and production efficiency

Innovation and technology for the production of cookies and pastry products The need for increasingly advanced food production has driven our company to create solutions that combine technology with efficiency, flexibility with quality. The Multilane series, with its models 600 and 800, is a perfect example of how these elements come together, resulting in unique machines capable of producing a wide range of pastry products, including cookies of various shapes, filled, decorated, and double...

Sandorè SIGEP 2023

Sandorè SIGEP 2023: the world fair dedicated to Artisan Ice cream and the Art of Confectionery

One of the most important international events in the food sector The 44th edition of SIGEP, the world trade fair dedicated to the professional ice cream and confectionery sector, once again exceeded all expectations. Sandorè has been taking part in this event held in Rimini for more than 20 years. This edition, held from 21 to 25 January 2023, was a success and allowed many companies like ours to present their brand and the technological innovations they have developed, the result of...

4.0 industry

Sandorè towards Industry 4.0: New food machinery for increasingly technological production 

Sandorè embraces the Industry 4.0 paradigm in implementing its business strategy with the aim of creating an integrated and intelligent system, the result of combining machinery and technology. It is precisely for this reason that Sandoré has joined the Industry 4.0 project (now called Transition 4.0). Over the past three years, we have developed PLC-controlled machines that are perfectly prepared to be interconnected with external management or software. The advantages of centralised...


Sandorè at ANUTEC: the International fair dedicated to the food industry

The 17th edition of ANUTEC, the world trade fair dedicated to the food industry, has once again surpassed every expectation. Sandorè has been participating in this event for several years, which this year was held at the exhibition center Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mubai's largest exhibition and convention venue in India. Also this edition held from 14 to 16 September 2022 has successfully established itself and has allowed many companies like ours to present themselves to expose the brand and...


BS4: When technology meets flexibility of shapes

Innovation and technology for simple and filled biscuits A machine born from real needs: Sandorè immediately perceived that food production is in continuous evolution and a solution able to give vent to the imagination with extreme attention to the shape of each single product is what every industry would need. BS4 is the first extruder screw machine designed for simple and filled biscuits, energy bars, bakery and much more, which deposits the product directly on the baking tray. From a...

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