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Sandorè goes global

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Chinese and Japanese

Machines for making typical Chinese or Japanese food such as chaozhou, meat balls, noodles and others. Sandorè's automated machinery is able to produce the accurate shapes of classic bao, mooncake, fish balls and meat balls with the various fillings, thanks to an extrusion device designed to carefully handle the dough and guarantee the pre-set shapes.


Pani puri, samosas or cham cham are traditional products of Indian cuisine and can be made with Sandorè equipment. Suitable for constant production and large quantities, each machine can make the required shapes with the various fillings while ensuring the excellent quality of each individual product.

Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian

Many typical South American and Latin American food products are made with various ingredients, characteristic of their places of origin. Many foods are breaded and then ready to be fried and served as appetisers or actual dishes. Bunelos, the Colombian fritters, are made with a queso costeno cheese filling, coxinha are authentic Brazilian arancini and are often served as appetisers, and empanadas are vegetable-filled dumplings typical of Argentine cuisine. The extrusion and forming equipment distributed by Sandorè can make any shape with the required fillings: the products will be ready to cook!

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Some of Europe's typical food products are made with dough filled with a variety of ingredients from different areas of origin. Many typical recipes can be made with Sandorè food production equipment in either small or large quantities. The technology and sophisticated software with which they are equipped makes it possible to produce typical products such as manti a stuffed roulade typical of Turkish cuisine, pierogi which are confectionery dough originating from Italy and Germany consisting of almonds, egg whites and sugar..

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Whether sweet or savoury products Sandorè's' Asian food production machinery can guarantee unique quality. The equipment can be customised for the production of typical Asian products such as kibbeh, semolina balls with a meat filling flavoured with herbs, or the famous falafel spicy and fried legume patties, or ma'amoul, a traditional shortcrust pastry cookie of Arab cuisine filled with dates, figs and dried fruit.

Other global food

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Every country has its own customs and traditions.

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Make the right choice of equipment for your global food production!