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From extrusion
to drying

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Professional extrusion pasta machines are ideal for the industrial production of fresh or dry pasta, pastry products and foodstuffs.

A simple change of the die is all it takes to change the shape of the pasta and make spaghetti, classic or filled gnocchi, meatballs, biscuits, penne and various type of food. Sandorè offers a wide range of industrial extruders to make large quantities of food of different shapes and types.

Filling and forming

The forming and filling machines are designed to allow any shape of food product to be produced. The process is used to make filled dumplings, filled biscuits, sweet and savoury meatballs typical of any global recipe. The advantages of Sandorè's filling and forming machines are the consistent production of large quantities, attention to detail and assurance of a homogeneous shape without the risk of compromising the inner dough. The machines are designed with a set of interchangeable forming dies that are quick and easy to use.

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The drying process is used for fresh pasta, fruit and vegetable production. Depending on production requirements, Sandorè dryers are designed to guarantee high performance and increase production capacity. Simple to use and install, they enable the production of extremely high-quality products while keeping their shapes.

The drying process consists of a clockwise and anti-clockwise manual ventilation system, thermostat, temperature control thermometer, humidity control and air suction valves.


Why choose

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Technical assistance

On-site consulting, technical assistance and training. On-site assembly and testing upon request.

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12-month warranty

All Sandorè machines have a 12-month warranty.

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Each machine can be custom-made according to production requirements.

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