Multilane 800 photo
Multilane 800 photo
Multilane 800 photo
Multilane 800 photo
Multilane 800 photo
Multilane 800 photo
Multilane 800 photo
Multilane 800 photo
Co-extruder for the production of filled products.

The Multilane 800 co-extruder is a machine designed for the production of filled products with various types of dough, and especially for the production of “gnocco ripieno”. It is made entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel and, thanks to its design, allows rapid and complete sanitisation of all parts that come into contact with foodstuffs.


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  • Variable-speed dough extruder basin;
  • variable-speed filling extruder basin complete with gear pump to inject even very fluid fillings;
  • acetal resin auger and removable stainless steel feed blades;
  • dusting flour loading system consisting of:
    • automatic flour loader with transparent polycarbonate pipe;
    • stainless steel transportation spring.
  • Dusting unit consisting of:
    • stainless steel rice flour container with auger feeder;
    • dusting on the pre-dryer;
    • flow regulation shutter.
  • Product emptying system consisting of:
    • stainless steel pre-dryer with mesh sieve to collect waste;
    • dusting flour collection container.
  • Cutting and shaping system consisting of:
    • patented product cutting and shaping unit.
  • System and electric panel installed in a stainless steel box with:
    • instrumentation for operating and controlling the manufactured functions;
    • in accordance with EC rules.
  • Touch screen operator panel.

Examples of



  • Product shape: spherical/cylindrical spherical
  • Product dimension: D. 18/50 mm
  • Product length: 18/100 mm
  • Hourly production: 450/900 kg/H
  • Installed power: 15 kW
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