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Sandorè Srl:

the mechanics of artisanal pasta and pastry.

The Zanè-based company, in Vicenza, was founded in the 60s and now sells machines for pasta and pastry production in Italy and abroad. The parts are carefully tested and developed by the staff that designs and assembles each machine within the company. Sandorè Srl manufactures various models made of AISI304 stainless steel, which ensures longer durability and high-plant efficiency, as well as maintaining the properties of the dough and the qualities of the pasta and pastry unaltered.

macchina pasta e pasticceria new magic

New Magic: the magic of pasta and pastry filling.

A request of a customer in 1990 was what triggered the imagination of the owner of Sandorè Srl, which over time, has proven to be important for the company. The need for a machine for the production of filled gnocchi, also used to produce biscuits, laid the foundations to search for a solution to stop the filling coming out during cooking. The owner therefore conceived the first gnocchi diaphragm cutting machine. A system that was patented to become the essential part of the first machine in Italy dedicated to the production of filled gnocchi and biscuits, the New Magic.

New Fantasy: a great idea for filled gnocchi and biscuits.

Continuous experiments led to the improvement of the cutting system and plants, until it was possible to expand production. Indeed, from the idea of the machine for gnocchi and filled biscuits, the New Fantasy 80 was created, the model dedicated to a wider production, whose distinctive trait (as for the New Magic) is based on the extrusion of doughs, also very hard ones, destined both for the filling and the external part of products.

macchina paste e pasticceria new fantasy 80

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