Quality and technology,
for pasta similar to the one made at home.

Most of the pasta extruders, besides the standard version (with which the operator must stop the plant to extrude the product), have been designed by Sandorè Srl in the COMBI version, which have continuous production, therefore higher, based on the desired hourly product quantity.

tipo di pasta

Standard version

In the standard version, the kneading cycle and extrusion cycle alternate.

COMBI version

In the COMBI, the kneading cycle can be operated at the same time as the extrusion one, thus increasing productivity.

The company designs and manufactures different machine models dedicated to various types of production,
from restaurants to small laboratories and to industrial (up to 300 kilograms an hour).

New Magic, New Fantasy and Multiline:
ideal for standard and filled gnocchi.

These machines are designed to extrude standard and filled gnocchi, in different shapes (to the traditional sphere one) and dimensions. The sphere shape is produced with a diaphragm cut, a mechanism created by Sandorè Srl to stop the filling coming out during cooking.

mx20 - estrusore per pasta

MX20: producing artisanal pasta becomes automatic.

The MX20 model is a machine used to produce fresh or dried pasta, short, long and sheet in any shape. Designed for restaurants, delicatessen laboratories, food shops and small pasta factories, the MX20 is ideal for small/medium production.

MX40: kneader for semi-industrial productions.

Solid, compact and designed to produce pasta of all shapes, the MX40 is ideal for semi-industrial production. The MX40 is also available on request in the COMBI version, with two kneading tanks.

mx40 - estrusore per pasta

MX60 and MX180: machines for the industrial production of pasta.

The MX60 is a kneader/extruder press and the MX180 is a kneader press/extruder. Made of stainless steel and installed on caster wheels, these machines are suitable for the industrial production of fresh pasta. Both models are also supplied combined (MX60 COMBI and MX180 COMBI).

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