Machines for pastry:
details also make the difference in taste.

The extruders manufactured in Sandorè Srl are designed for the production of pastry, including filled. All the machines are made of stainless steel and certified materials that ensure the durability and efficiency of the plants over time, maintaining the properties and qualities of the raw materials that make the dough unaltered, therefore obtaining a product with the characteristics and the goodness of an artisanal one.

tipo di pasta

The tanks for the dough and fillings are easy to disassemble to change configurations and for cleaning. Among the features of the different extruder models, manufactured entirely in the company, there is the possibility of extruding high-consistency doughs, producing biscuits with fillings, in various shapes and composed of several doughs (e.g. bi-coloured products). These machines also produce breadsticks, biscuits with seeds, gluten-free, vegan, cookies and other products dedicated to the international market.

The filling: the core of engineering.

The machine composes the dough with the filling inside, based on the shapes and sizes selected through the machine control panel. The product is then ready to be cut and decorated in various ways thanks to the moulds, the rollers, guillotines and many other accessories. With Sandorè Srl machines, it is also possible to make biscuits and other braided products or with decorations on the surface, filled with creams and jams.

biscotti ripieni e decorati
perfetta - macchina per pasta e pasticceria

Perfetta, also for size and efficiency.

The new Perfetta machine has a smaller size compared to other models and is therefore suitable for small laboratories, delicatessens and catering, to produce sweet and savoury delights. Perfetta has also been manufactured for producing filled biscuits as “Grisbi”, “Maamoul”, “Kibbeh”, rice balls, supply, filled gnocchi, stuffed meatballs, meat buns, cookies, fig bars, dumplings and many more. Perfetta is also used in large companies as a laboratory machine for research and development.

New Magic: the artisanal production philosophy.

This model was designed by the company with small sizes but high potentials. Due to these features, today the New Magic is an important opportunity even for small pastry laboratories and not just for large industries.

new magic - macchina per pasta e pasticceria

New Fantasy 80:
the natural evolution with 2 or 3 outfeeds.

This machine was designed for a large production of pastry. Due to their flexibility, the New Magic and the New Fantasy machines are in high demand even in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India and other countries where typical biscuits have a very hard filling, as date paste, also in the south of Italy where almond paste is used.

Multiline: to produce large quantities of biscuits, including filled ones.

The company also thought about a very high production of pastry, filled, decorated, double dough and varied shaped products, so it created the Multiline. It is a similar model to the New Fantasy and the New Magic, but it produces more than 32 thousand pieces an hour.

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